Inventory & Purchasing

ESC tracks and manages inventories across all your warehouses, storerooms, and vehicles, letting you account for the costs of all the inventory you sell and use. Tracking features allow you to know the value of your inventory, as well as what items you have and where they are. Easily generate reorder reports for quick inventory restocking & identify items in short supply.

Highlighted Features

Accounting Integrations

  • Seamlessly integrate with powerful accounting packages like QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree & ESC Accounting.

Purchase Order and Invoice Integration

  • Once a purchase order has been completed and attached to a dispatch, it can be imported to an invoice for quick and easy billing.

Automate Accounts Payable

  • ESC can automatically create accounts payable entries for completed purchase orders.

Purchasing Reports

  • Access powerful reports to keep you in touch with all of your company’s purchases, vendors, and deliveries.

Purchase Order / Dispatch Link

  • Dispatches can be linked to purchase orders and be given a backordered status.
  • When the shipment is received the dispatch is flagged for completion.

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