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Getting your technicians to the job site by the shortest route means less money spent on gas. Combine that with optimizing order in which they service the day’s calls, can add up to thousands in savings. ESC mapping and routing capabilities will make your technicians service routes more efficient, saving your service company time and money.

More Efficient Service Routes

Organize Service Calls

  • Electronic Service Control allows users to see a graphical map view right from the dispatch board.
  • Quickly drag and drop calls to reorganize a technician’s route.

Driving Directions

  • Once a route has been mapped you can get point-to-point driving directions for all the calls in the route.
  • These can be sent to the technicians via email or ESC mobile field service solution.

Enhanced Route Optimizer

  • Minimize your technicians’ driving time with the Enhanced Route Optimizer.
  • This feature calculates the driving time from dispatch to dispatch and rearranges them to create the most efficient route.
  • Promised times are automatically calculated based on the length of time each dispatch should take, and the time required to drive from one client to the other.

Accurate Information

  • ESC seamlessly integrates with Microsoft MapPoint to give you the most accurate mapping data available.
  • We have found this to be the most reliable mapping solution on the market. Learn more about MapPoint.

Plot Route

  • ESC makes plotting a technician’s route fast and easy.
  • MapPoint’s powerful and accurate mapping engine will generate a printable map you can give to the technician.

“The mapping to tell when the techs are by each other and who is going to be most available for the job. It just streamlines the whole process.”

Doug Isley

L.E. Isley & Sons, Inc.

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