Service Agreement Management

Service agreements are key to a service company’s success. ESC has tools to get them under control. With advanced service agreement tracking features, you will be able to manage and grow your on-going and residual revenue streams, as well as provide good filler work for your technicians throughout the year.

ESC makes managing an ever growing service agreement customer base possible.

Time-Based Service Agreements

  • ESC has the ability to schedule service agreements in a variety of different time periods such as, annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily.
  • Usage-based Service Agreements allow the user to sell service contracts based on hours, copies, meter readings, mileage, and any other industry specific variable.

Service Agreement Reporting

  • The flexible reports from the Service Agreement module will allow you to determine when agreements are going to expire, track usage rates for each customer, and allow you to do monthly forecasting.

Automated Scheduling / Billing

  • The Service Agreement module will allow you to post service calls to the appropriate technician for the period of time the user specifies.
  • In addition to posting the schedule, all invoices are posted to the sales module, reducing billing time to almost nothing.

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