Customer Information Management

Your customers’ information is one of the most valuable assets your company owns. With ESC’s Customer Account Management, finding information when you need it is easier than ever. Capture, manage and share vital customer information in one central location to make daily work fast and accurate.

Your customers’ information is one of the most valuable assets your company owns. With ESC, managing it and finding it when needed is easier than ever. The ESC Customer Account Information Management feature includes:

User Friendly Interface

  • ESC’s stylish and easy to use interface makes day-to-day work fast and accurate.
  • With customized toolbars and navigators, you will seamlessly move from one area of the software to another, without having to re-enter information or call up customer files more than once.

Detailed Contact Information

  • Electronic Service Control allows users to track vast amounts of customer information such as, company name, address, phone numbers, multiple locations, credit information, tax codes, labor rates, and trip charges.

Track Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

  • You can track advertising and marketing efforts, profitability, and return on investments by using ESC’s powerful Sales Sort Code feature.
  • Attach these codes to new customers as they call to determine which of your marketing efforts produce the most revenue.

Classify Your Customers to Tailor Your Services

  • Tracking customized data and generating useful reports gives ESC the flexibility to serve many different service industries.
  • Using ESC’s Customer Sort Codes, you can track unlimited customer information, generate reports, mailing labels and data lists.

Attach Documents

  • Attach any kind of file to a customer’s record and instantly recall them from any computer running ESC.
  • For example, you can attach schematics to a dispatch, photos to equipment records, CAD drawings to quotes/invoices, and Excel checklists to service agreements.
  • A unified customer document list and detailed searches make finding that elusive document easy.
  • Files are embedded directly in your database to make backing up all your critical data simple.

Built-in Word Processor

  • ESC allows you to create letters to your customers directly from the Customer Entry screen.
  • A full template system allows you to create detailed form letters and automatically pull in your customers’ contact information.
  • Formatting options include the ability to add graphics, bulleted/numbered lists, indents and more.
  • After you spell check and print your finished letter, it is automatically saved as an attached document for that customer, so you can recall it at any time.

Mail Merge and Mass Email

  • ESC includes the ability to easily and quickly send mass communications to your customer base.
  • You can now create letters and emails to large groups of customers in a few easy steps.
  • Once these documents are created they are automatically linked to the customer’s attached documents in the customer record.
  • Using ESC’s powerful word processor, you can create customer letter and email templates with many of the tools you are already used to, in industry standard word processors.

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