ESC Addons

Although ESC provides you everything you need and want to run your business better, a number of valuable add-ons are available to enhance your service management solution.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking technology is the ideal way to manage your fleet, save on fuel costs, and know what your technicians are up to during the day. Add this valuable feature by integrating ESC with our valued partner Fleetmatics, to get the full picture of where your vehicles are and how they are being used for increased efficiency, profitability and accountability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dynamic dispatch board with vehicle tracking
  • Real-time work order integration
  • Up-to-the-minute location readings
  • Detailed reports to monitor travel and stop times, speeding alerts, work order variances, proximity & more
  • Geo fencing capability
  • Tamper-resistant in-vehicle installation
  • Lower insurance costs


  • Fleetmatics truck-mounted hardware
  • Fleetmatics REVEAL+ GPS services
  • ESC integration license from dESCO

Caller ID

ESC’s caller ID feature allows you to automatically retrieve a customer record and related information when the customer calls. A pop-up screen shows crucial customer information including account history, contact details, and more. Dispatchers will be given the information to prepare them for each call and can project more professionalism to customers. Calls can also be dispatched even faster by eliminating database search time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Screen-pops with customer info
  • Eliminates searching for customers
  • Expedites dispatching


  • Whozz Calling hardware or TAPI-compliant phone system
  • ESC integration license from dESCO

Credit Card Processing

ESC offers in-field and in-office credit card processing through an integration with our valued partner Merchant Warehouse. By being able to swipe and authorize cards right in front of the customer, you can eliminate the double entry and collection issues due to declined cards and also reduce the risk of customers not paying for your services.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full PCI Compliance on all ESC credit card transactions, protecting your customers & reducing your liability
  • Encrypted card readers for swiping both in the office & field
  • Recurring billing on service agreements in ESC Accounting to manage a larger number of monthly transactions
  • Lower processing rates in most cases


  • Merchant Warehouse account

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