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ESC Field Service Software

ESC field service management software provides service companies with the easiest most efficient ways to manage customers, work and finances. By streamlining your entire workflow through one complete solution, you will finally have the tools to improve your productivity and profitability and enhance service.


Dispatching & scheduling your service technicians efficiently means they can do more jobs in a day. ESC simplifies the process and makes dispatching your technicians easier than ever.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quickly & easily access customer accounts
  • Customizable customer qualification screen with drill down features to detailed information
  • Technician skill levels to assign jobs appropriately


ESC Mobile is a simple and affordable way to outfit your mobile workforce with the tools they need to be successful and improve field productivity.

Highlighted Features:

  • Real-time status updates with time tracking
  • View full dispatch information
  • Create invoices and quotes
  • Process payments and capture customer signatures


ESC affords you two great accounting solutions. Seamlessly integrate ESC with QuickBooks accounting software or utilize ESC Accounting for a single source option.

Highlighted Features:

  • QuickBooks integration wizards pull customer records into ESC
  • Customers, jobs, vendors, invoices, accounts receivable & purchase orders stay in sync with no import/export operation needed
  • Data validation to ensure accounting accuracy

“ESC Software has been a great asset to my business. The software has allowed us to grow and integrate the system into our business as needed without a huge upfront out of pocket expense.”

David Hertless

Hertless Air Conditioning and Heating Mechanical

“The amount of time that it saves me over the years is insurmountable. It’s just eliminated so much man power.”

Jason Lord

Structure Systems Group, Inc.

ESC Service Management Software has many
advantages and benefits for service companies including:

> An All In One System – Service companies whose employees are able to view the same customer information will outperform their competitors every time. There is a big advantage to handling the various functions in your service company out of the same software package. Rather than having to enter information in multiple times you’ll only have to do it once. For instance, after you enter a part into your inventory database inventory once, you can use it when one of your customers calls for service. You’ll create a dispatch for one of your technicians to go out into the field to do the work, and you’ll let him know that he needs to bring that part you already entered to do the job. After he’s finished the work, you can create an invoice from that dispatch and the part he used will carry over to the invoice.

> Better Sharing of Information – With ESC, you can give your employees the information about your customers that they need.

> Professional Customer Care – Every interaction with your customers matters. Each touch point affects their perception of your company. It even effects how they talk about your company with their friends and neighbors. Using ESC means your company can be confident when talking to customers. The software shares your customer information across your network, so the information in your customer database is always up to date. Also, with ESC CallerID integration, your customer’s account information will pop up onto your screen before you even answer the phone, ensuring you’ll be ready to answer any questions they might have without having to go digging around in files.

> Digital Filing Cabinets – With ESC you’ll be able to attach digital documents to your customers, meaning less paper filed away in file cabinets and document will always be at hand when you need them.

> Tech Productivity – Get an edge over your competitors by making sure you have the most productive and efficient technicians in town. Technicians that are armed with the right information in the field are able to do their jobs quicker and better than those who have to call the office to give and get updates before each dispatch they begin. Techs that know what equipment they will encounter at your customer’s location will be better prepared with the right tools and parts before they arrive on site. That will mean fewer trips to the office or warehouse to pick up extra parts.

> Increase Sales – By increasing the productivity of your technicians, they’ll be able to complete more jobs in a day. This means your company will be less constrained by the number of jobs it will be able to take on and schedule in a day. Also, with the ESC service agreements module, you’ll be able to better manage your service agreements, or begin offering this profitable product to your customers. Also, ESC’s flat rate pricing integration can help your company take advantage of that pricing model.

> Reduce Costs – By taking control of your business’ information, you’ll be able to identify areas of waste and inefficiencies. By getting a better picture of your situation, you’ll be in a better position to make important changes and be more successful moving forward. Reduce fuel costs with route optimization and mapping functions from Microsoft’s MapPoint.

> Reduce Paper Consumption – Businesses use a lot of paper. At least they used to. Handling your service business operations in ESC means you’ll have a full record of what your business does without having to have and endless paper trail cluttering up your office.

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