About ESC

What is ESC Service Management Software?

ESC Service Management Software, by dESCO, is the leading solution to manage your customers, work & finances. From service call & technician scheduling, to service contract management & inventory tracking, ESC streamlines the entire workflow through one comprehensive solution. Ranked #1 among service providers, ESC has the tools & features to improve your productivity & increase your profitability. Advanced mobile solutions, valuable add-ons & seamless integrations with QuickBooks & ESC Accounting, make ESC the better way to run your business.

Who can benefit from using ESC?

ESC service management software is designed for small to medium sized service companies who want to streamline operations to grow business and increase their bottomline. This comprehensive solution reduces dispatcher workload, enhances customer service, increases tech productivity, streamlines finances and allows owners to focus on their business, not in their business. An intuitive environment and advanced features give users at every level the tools they need and want.

What industries use ESC?

ESC supports more than 50 service verticals, both nationally and internationally.

  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Equipment Service (Medical, Restaurant, etc)
  • Generators & Pumps
  • Garage & Overhead Doors
  • Computer Repair
  • IT Service Companies
  • Telecom Service
  • Landscaping
  • Appliance Repair
  • Pool & Spa
  • Janitorial
  • Pest Control
  • Construction
  • Security
  • Locksmith
  • And many more…

Why dESCO & ESC?

dESCO is the leading developer of service management software. Founded in 1980 by service professionals, dESCO uses the latest technologies available to bring power & control to service businesses. ESC, our flagship product, provides the easiest, most effective way to manage customers, work & finances giving companies the tools needed to succeed. With unmatched support and service, innovative features and cost effective solutions, dESCO remains the preferred software provider for service companies both nationally and internationally.

What is the ESC free trial?

You can download a fully functional trial of ESC service management software to try FREE for 30-days. Enter your own data or use our trial company to experience all of ESC’s features and functionality with no obligation to buy. When you decide to buy, data accumulated during your free trial can be easily migrated to your new system.

How much does ESC cost?

ESC’s one-time licensing fee is based on the number of concurrent desktop users and any additional add-on modules you will need. Complimentary support and software updates are included during the first year. Optional technical support after the first year is available at a low yearly maintenance fee. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs for a customized quote at sales@desco-soft.com or 800-226-7529.

Should I wait to purchase new computers and/or hardware before purchasing ESC?

There is no need to wait for new equipment before purchasing ESC as the ESC database can be migrated to new servers as needed.

How often do you release ESC updates?

We provide patch updates for each major version on a regular basis. On average, we release a major new version every 12 to 16 months.

Support & Training

Do you offer ESC training?

dESCO offers a variety of training services to address every company’s needs. Take advantage of our free monthly webinars or contact us for pricing and scheduling information on our custom training options.

  • Online Training – 1-hour blocks of customized online training for an unlimited number of attendees
  • Regional Training – 1 or 2 day class-room style training classes held throughout the country
  • In-House Training – 1 or 2 day customized training at dESCO’s office in Ft. Myers, FL for up to 5 attendees
  • On-Site Training – 2 day customized training at your office for an unlimited number of attendees

Are there ESC Support plans?

Every new system purchase comes with one year of complimentary ESC support services. Renewable yearly support service plans are available at a low cost. The dESCO support team is available Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm (EST).

Support member benefits include:

  • FREE ESC Version Upgrades
  • Unlimited Online Access to ESC Knowledgebase for Troubleshooting
  • Unlimited Online Access to ESC Feature Video Tutorials
  • Unlimited Live Online Support
  • Unlimited Phone Support: 800-226-7529
  • Unlimited Remote Control Support
  • Unlimited Email Support: support@desco-soft.com

Accounting Integrations

Does ESC integrate with QuickBooks Accounting software?

Yes, ESC integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks accounting software, eliminating data re-entry and ensuring your accounting and financial accuracy.

Compatible versions include:

  • US editions of QuickBooks 2008 (or newer) Simple Start, Pro, Premier, Contractor’s Edition, Accountant’s Edition, or Enterprise Solutions 8.0 (or newer)
  • Canadian editions of QuickBooks 2009 (or newer) Pro, Premier or Enterprise. Note: The Canadian multi-currency edition is not supported

Can you transfer existing accounting data from QuickBooks to ESC?

Yes, ESC setup wizards make it simple to transfer existing customers, vendors, employees, inventory items and chart of accounts from your QuickBooks database

What are the benefits of using ESC Accounting over QuickBooks solutions?

ESC accounting is a true double-entry accounting solution that works with your ESC desktop software to deliver better control, security and reporting. This single source solution provides companies with a full range of financial management tools and is backed by our unmatched ESC Support services.

Industry Integrations

What Flat Rate programs does ESC integrate with?

ESC allows you to import flat rate prices from a number of popular programs or create your own multi-level pricing system directly in ESC.

Import flat rate price books from these popular vendors:

  • Callahan & Roach
  • Collier
  • Flat Rate Plus
  • National Standard Pricing Guide
  • Profit Strategies
  • The New Flat Rate
  • And More

Does ESC provide GPS vehicle tracking?

ESC offers integrated GPS vehicle tracking though our valued partnership with Fleetmatics.

Benefits of this integration include:

  • Dynamic dispatch board with real-time vehicle tracking
  • Route optimization
  • Up-to-the-minute location readings
  • Detailed reports to monitor travel and stop times, speeding alerts, work order variances, proximity & more
  • Geo fencing capability
  • Tamper-resistant in-vehicle installation
  • Lower insurance costs

Contact Adam Restifo at Fleetmatics for more information on this feature at 888-837-7243 ext.3375 oradam.restifo@fleetmatics.com.

Are ESC credit card transactions PCI compliant?

ESC offers integrated credit card processing with Cayan.

Benefits of this integration include:

  • Full PCI compliance on all ESC credit card transactions
  • Ability to swipe credit cards to tender payments in ESC Office or ESC Mobile using encrypted card readers
  • Setup recurring billing on service agreements in ESC Accounting
  • Reduce processing rates with Cayan’s Meet or Beat Price Guarantee

Contact Cayan for more information on this feature online or directly by calling 800-498-0823.

ESC Mobile

What mobile devices are compatible with ESC Mobile?

ESC Mobile connects field workers to the office using smartphones, tablets & laptops.

Compatible devices include:

  • Apple iPhones & iPads: iOS 7.0 or newer
  • Android smartphones & tablets: OS 4.0 or newer
  • Laptops: Windows-based with 32 or 64 bit versions of Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8 Pro; Dual Core processor or faster; 1GB Memory; & 1GB available hard disk space

What is the recommended data plan needed for ESC Mobile?

An unlimited data plan is recommended, however ESC does not transmit large amounts of data, so a “pay as you go” plan may work for you.

How much does ESC Mobile cost?

ESC Mobile is $15 per month per mobile user plus a one-time company activation fee of $150. Contact us for more information on this feature at 800-226-7529 or sales@desco-soft.com.

Do I need to sign a contract for ESC Mobile?

No, there is no contract requirement with ESC Mobile. You can activate and cancel your service at anytime without penalties. You can also easily add or subtract users to your account by contacting us or using our online account management feature.

Can I create quotes and invoices in the field?

Yes, ESC Mobile connects your mobile workforce to your ESC data in order to perform crucial on-the-job tasks like quoting, invoicing, signature capture, payment processing and more.

Can I process credit cards in the field?

Yes, by integrating your ESC Mobile with Cayan, credit cards can be processed in the field either manually or using encrypted card readers.

Does ESC Mobile work when you don’t have internet connection?

Yes, ESC Mobile is a native app which gives you the ability to run better in a more disconnected environment as well as stores more data on your device itself to reduce communication wait times.

Can we create calls/dispatches from the field?

Yes, ESC Mobile’s management feature gives mobile managers the ability to create dispatches, schedule calls and manage techs remotely.

Can we print an invoice in the field with ESC Mobile?

Yes, ESC creates a PDF of the mobile invoice, which can be shared with a printing app, such as PrinterShare, to print to mobile printers via bluetooth connection, such as Brother PJ-673 mobile printer for apple users. It is recommended to contact any printing app or mobile printer vendors directly to confirm compatibility.

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