Appliance Repair Software to Integrate
Your Operation from Field to Office

Appliance repair companies have very specific software needs. To run efficiently, they need a service management and dispatching package to run their day-to-day service needs as well as manage their back office operations. Appliance repair software will help you run your appliance repair business better than your competitors.

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Benefits of ESC Appliance Repair Software

Improve Efficiency in Your Office

When an appliance goes down customers want quick and reliable service. ESC’s drag-and-drop dispatch board makes taking and scheduling calls a breeze. Dispatchers are able to easily pull up full customer history, including, previous repair jobs, equipment details, any outstanding invoices. No more wasting time taking information down and calling back, searching through old files to track down customer’s appliance information, and lost invoices. Take and book more calls to keep your technicians busy and your customers happy

Empower Your Techs in the Field

ESC mobile give technicians the information they need to get the job done quickly. Techs are able to review full work order information live at the site without having to call the office to figure out what repair or equipment is needed. Adding or updating appliance information can be done with just a few clicks, making sure that your records are up to date for future jobs. Invoices and collections from the field flow back into the office in real-time, eliminating any lost jobs. Less time spent dealing with paperwork and phone calls means more jobs completed in a day.

Effortlessly Track Inventory

Working with a lot of inventory? No problem. ESC’s comprehensive inventory management system allows you to track unlimited inventory items across multiple warehouses. Keep your techs well stocked and avoid wasting time searching, or even driving, for extra parts or materials. QR and Bar codes allow you to effortlessly track what’s coming in and what’s going out. ESC even helps with big ticket appliances by tracking serial numbers and warranty information as well as make, model, manufacturer, last purchase price, buy/sell ratio, and price book information. Managing inventory well can mean saving thousands of dollars in lost or wasted parts and materials.

Enough Features to Run Your Whole Appliance Repair Business