ESC Mobile field service software is a simple and affordable way to give your mobile workforce the tools and information they need to improve productivity and efficiency.By splitting our once single app into two native apps, ESC Mobile has been given a whole new look and purpose. Completely redesigned specifically with the user in mind, each app offer more features, requires less connectivity, and a simplified interface.

ESC Mobile Tech
Give your field service technicians the tools they need to improve productivity and enhance service. ESC Mobile Tech works with your ESC software to access critical work order information, customer data and more, anytime and anywhere, from your tablet or smartphone.

Work Order Features:

  • Receive scheduling notifications for new dispatches.
  • View service dispatches & work order information.
  • View and edit customer contact information.
  • Give the office real-time status updates with time tracking.
  • Use GPS tracking, mapping and routing, & turn-by-turn driving directions.
  • View customer account, service history, equipment, saved documents & service maintenance agreement information.
  • See the last 10 pending quotes for a customer with the ability to view details to accept and begin work or to take a prepayment.
  • Add and edit customer equipment in account record or dispatch.
  • Review the last 10 dispatches assigned to a particular device along with dispatch information and mobile invoice created.

Quote and Invoicing Features:

  • Present a complete quote to your customer with the ability accept or reject items with the final price adjusting accordingly. Rejected items are saved in the customer account, allowing you to review these items on future visits.
  • Scan QR or bar code of a part or serial number to quickly find and add items on quotes and invoices.
  • Create, view, email, and print service quotes & invoices.
  • Process payments & prepayments, including PCI compliant credit card processing.
  • Capture customer authorization & acceptance signatures.

Customer Account Management Features:

  • Add new customers.
  • See historical customer invoice, quote and dispatch history.
  • Add pictures from device camera and gallery to customer record.

Other Features:

  • Utilize a simplified new interface.
  • Store more data on mobile device reducing communication wait times and requiring less internet connectivity.


  • iOS version 7.0 or higher
  • Android OS version 4.0.0 or higher
  • ESC desktop application version 14 and higher


ESC Mobile Manager
Give your field service managers the tools they need to keep your service business running anywhere anytime. ESC Mobile Manager works with your ESC software to offer real-time access to scheduling, customers, technicians and more from your tablet or smartphone.

With ESC Mobile Manager, field service managers can:

  • Utilize multiple interactive dispatch boards.
  • View, edit and schedule dispatches.
  • Create new dispatches.
  • Assign and re-assign dispatches to technicians.
  • See technician work status in real-time.
  • View customer equipment, agreement information and documents.
  • View customer service, invoice and dispatch history.
  • View and edit customer account information.
  • Create new customers.
  • Utilize tablet-optimized and smartphone-compatible layout.


  • iOS version 7.0 or higher
  • Android OS version 4.0.0 or higher
  • ESC desktop application version 14 and higher


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