ESC’s Quotes module makes it simple to create and manage quotes, letting you easily follow up with customers, track closing ratios, order needed parts, and turn your quotes into dispatches and invoices.

  • Track Closing Ratios
  • Calculates Cost in Real-Time
  • Create Quotes in the Field
  • Custom Quote Form Designer

Managing Quotes

  • Create quotes from dispatches or create dispatches, purchase orders, invoices, or progressive bills from an existing quote without any double entry.
  • As a quote is built, all material, labor, and other costs are visible for up-to-date profitability information.

Tracking Quotes

  • Follow up on open quotes to close more sales.
  • Quotes can be easily sorted as accepted, rejected, and pending.

Mobile Quoting

  • Create quotes in the field with ESC Mobile, automatically attaching the quote to the customer’s record.

Custom Quote Design

  • Designing a stylish quote, complete with your company logo, custom message and detailed layout, is easy to do with our quote designer.

“I think ESC’s quoting module is one of the best features and has really made our entire method of getting quotes out much more streamlined. In addition I have really gotten into the power of the form editor and we are now starting to email out a lot more documents, especially invoices, which we never did before, so we are also greener because of ESC.”
—Matt Dorans, Vice President, In-Line Air Conditioning Co. Inc.

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Screen Shots

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