Service Management Software: Efficiency, Accuracy, Professionalism

Electronic Service Control, ESC, is a complete service management solution that lets service companies manage customers, work, and finances in an intuitive, easy-to-use environment. It has all the tools and features growing service companies need. dESCO has been developing innovative service software since 1980 for more than 50 service industries.

“ESC Software has been a great asset to my business. The software has allowed us to grow and integrate the system into our business as needed without a huge upfront out of pocket expense.”
—David Hertless, Hertless Air Conditioning and Heating Mechanical

“The amount of time that it saves me over the years is insurmountable. It’s just eliminated so much man power.”
—Jason Lord, Structure Systems Group, Inc.

Manage Your Customers

  • ESC’s intuitive customer management interface makes daily work fast and accurate.
  • You can manage your customers, always knowing who has paid you and who has not
  • You can see all the notes and history of past service, and know ahead of time what equipment your customers have and use at each of their locations.
  • With full service agreement tracking features, you will be able to simply manage your on-going and residual revenue streams.
  • All customer information is fully integrated throughout the system meaning no more double entry.

Manage Your Work

  • ESC simplifies the dispatching process from the time the call comes in until the time the tech is finished and ready for the next job.
  • CallerID integration means your customers’ information is on the screen before you pick up the phone.
  • The drop-and-drag dispatch board lets you know what techs are available when and makes it easy to move schedules around to accommodate surprises and emergencies.
  • ESC mapping and routing save vehicle and fuel costs by making sure new jobs are assigned to the closest tech and showing him the best route to the job.
  • ESC’s GPS integration gives you a full picture of where your vehicles are and how they are being used.

Manage Your Finances

  • ESC manages all your businesses’ quotes, sales, and invoices.
  • The ESC collection manager makes it easy to keep track of who owes you money so you can be sure to be paid for every job you complete.
  • ESC’s credit card processing even lets your techs swipe cards in the field to make sure you get paid fast, eliminate double entry, and reduce collection issues.
  • ESC is also the solution for managing inventories across all your warehouses, storerooms, and vehicles.
  • The PO manager lets you know what items are in short supply and in need of reordering.
  • You can also integrate the software with the accounting package you currently use, such as QuickBooks or you can use ESC Accounting for built in and scalable accounting modules.

Manage From Anywhere

  • ESC is a true windows software, but that does not mean you have to be at your desk to run it.
  • ESC’s Mobile Solutions let you access the software from laptops, netbooks, and mobile phones.
  • You can log into ESC’s Web Front Office from any computer with an internet connection to manage dispatches, view customer information, or run detailed reports.
  • The ESC mobile computing lets you issue dispatches to techs in the field, allowing them to see the information that is relevant to their jobs on their laptops or mobile phones.

See It All Clearly

  • ESC has advanced reporting capabilities allowing you to run standard or custom reports on any of your customer, technician, inventory, or sales data.
  • Also, real-time dashboards show you a snapshot overview of how your company is doing.

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